Friday, April 12, 2013

Various Visitors...

So many friends have graciously come and visited me.  Thank you friends, you always brighten my day!
However, there are strict rules in the ward about visitors, since everyone here is immunocompromised.  This is an important way to protect us, because if we get sick, we will become extremely sick, have to take tons of antibiotics, and feel really bad. Maybe you've never thought about the implications of getting sick when you are immunocompormised, but even the simplest cough or cold can become a really big deal.  The ward has some rules in place, to help protect us from getting sick.
  1. No one is allowed to visit if they have a cough/cold/fever or sickness.  
  2. No fresh flowers or plants are allowed, as they carry germs
  3. No latex balloons, as there are kids allergic to them.  Only helium balloons are allowed
  4. Siblings under 12 are only allowed to visit twice a week; a nurse checks them at the door and takes their temperatures.  They are only allowed for a maximum of 3 hours, and they cannot leave my room.  While I know the importance of this rule, it makes me very sad to not be able to see David, John, and Ruth very often :( 

Here are some pictures of dear friends who've visited ...
Xioajuan and Weigang, with Ruth, who was also visiting that day!  

L-R: Sno, Daffodil, John, me, Weigang, Xiaojuan, and Ruth squished in on the side!
Daffodil has become a special friend of mine!  Also, note the beautiful balloons they brought!  

Ricci, Sno, Xioajuan

Sno and Xioajuan signing my English and Chinese!  

Another dear friend who came at a different time...Hua.  She's wearing a mask because I was getting my dressing changed, and everyone must then wear a mask.  Thank you for taking the time to visit!  
 Mrs. Webster was my toddler Sunday School teacher.  She graciously volunteered to stay the night with me, so my parents could go home and prepare for my arrival!  Interestingly, the night she stayed was probably my worst night ever, but she was just as loving and kind as my own mother.   She brought me some DVDs to pass the hours, and a bag of lemon napoleon candies- sour!! Thank you Mrs. Webster!

The whole gang with Mrs. Webster

A tired looking bunch...
Reading books from the hospital library with Dad.  Even thought he is reading to John and David, the whole family is listening, cuz Dad always adds twists and funny sayings to the story, so we're all always on guard to catch them!  

One of my most favorite visitors...he always climbs into my bed! Do you know who he might be?!?!? 
I always have so much fun when my siblings come!  Usually mom will pack them food, and they'll come and eat their lunch/dinner here.  It gets a little crowded, but it's totally worth it!  Then we usually watch a movie together, since there's not much else they can do in the room.  Sometimes the little guys will bring a box of Legos. When they come, they always bring me beautiful pictures and cards to hang in my room.  Often, the Pet Pals visit when the little guys are here.  That's a ton of fun, because we all love dogs!
Occasionally the big boys will come during the day, with their school work, and we'll just hang out.  However, I must say they usually disappear when I start to puke! Once I'm finished, they'll reappear with water, wash clothes, and paper towels and help me.
The Clan getting some hot chocolate....yum!

One of the worst thing about the hospital is that there is no little people chatter.  The only noise is the nurses talking, or IVs beeping.  I really miss hearing the noise of my family, and just being with them.  I'm looking forward to being with them soon!
The whole bunch (+2 cousins) visiting on Easter Sunday!!

Family friends visiting Cleveland stopped by...Thanks!  
Goofing off with my best friend Christina...
And not all of my visitors are from outside the hospital...Here I am with the BMT Nurse Coordinator- Sharon. She really gets stuff done!  Thanks for dropping by! 
And sometimes I goof of with a nurse... fun, fun fun!!

With Mrs. LiBassi...she surprised me with a visit, which was perfect because  just then I had to drink my CT contrast (nasty stuff), and she was my cheerleader.  Here we are posing with the EMPTY cup! Thanks Mrs. L!
With Abbie, my pastor's daughter.  Unfortunately, I didn't get pics of her parents!  They brought me a stack of books to keep me occupied, and I had so much fun doing puzzles with Abbie! 

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