Friday, April 12, 2013

A Twist in the Story

So in the course of going through the BMT, I met a cancer patient's worst enemy- the mighty fever!  While low-grade fevers are expected in the course of chemo treatments, I had almost continuous high fevers, for about 4-5 days.  It was a matter of teeth-chattering bone-chilling chills, only to receive tylenol, and come out from the fever awash in a clammy sweat, with damp sheets and a hot head! Thankfully, the fevers have since subsided.
However, the last week has been very trying, as I've struggled with not recovering as fast as I had anticipated.  I've been having awful stomach pains and severe nausea, which has hindered me from eating.  While everything is staying in...I would feel so much better if it just came out!  The new attending doctor, Dr. Cooke, has ordered an endoscopy, to see if there is any other causes for my stomach problems.   Actually, I'm going for my endoscopy very soon this morning!This is one of the main hindrances from getting me home!

The past few days have been really discouraging....but God has been faithful to provide me with many to encourage my days...from a visit from my pastor and his family, to my adopted grandparents, to the palliative care nurse, to Dr. Cooke himself, God has blessed each of my days by reminding me of His love.

The fevers have stopped
I have a wonderful Christian doctor, who is helping heal both my body and soul
I've been weaned off the pain medication

The stomach pains and nausea to subside
The endoscopy to provide the necessary information
That I would be able to eat
That I could go home very soon!

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