Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Terrific Therapists!

While doctors and the medical team do their best to help heal my body, the amazing therapists here help keep my mind in shape! They help make the long, boring days at the hospital just a little bit shorter and lot more fun!  I'd like to introduce you to this set of amazing ladies...

This is Emily.  She is a music therapist.  She plays many instruments, and sings like an angel.  I've often heard her accompanying kids on the guitar, with songs ranging from "3 Little Monkeys" to "Jingle Bells"! At my request she brought me a beautiful electronic keyboard, and a pedal! She also threw in a piano solo collection!  I've so enjoyed playing through the music book, as it is filled with hymns, folk songs, and classical piano pieces.  When she visited once, I played and she sang! I also brought piano music my piano teacher had given me especially for the hospital.  The keyboard enables me to practice (I try to daily!) as music is both therapeutic and enjoyable.  Thank you Emily!

The next therapist you've met before- Angela!  She makes so many amazing things happen around here!  If there's ever anything I need, from hair washes to bunny ears, to diaries and lip balm, she'll somehow find it and bring it!  She's like a magician, conjuring fun ideas, wanted items, and always with a smile!  She also coordinates the volunteers for the play room and special events.  Thanks Angela!  

There's also another child life I'd like you to meet- Lisa!  Her main job is in the outpatient oncology clinic, but she also covers the inpatient.  She always has a sympathetic ear, that I can pour out my worries or complaints to; she will respond with a well thought out and comforting answer, that always calms me.  Thank you Lisa- for always being there when I need you!  

Last, but not least, is the art therapist- Michelle!  Before my BMT hospitalization, I'd never before met Michelle, but I'm so glad I have!  On the days I'm not feeling up to going to the play room, she brings me stuff to do in bed!  She has brought me oil pastels and art supplies kits, along with drawing pads, to help unleash my inner artist :) She also finds cool kits, like a pop-up-book and mini drawing easels to help pass the time in bed.  But I think her greatest find was duck tape!  I'd never done duck tape crafts before, but after she brought me a tote kit I was hooked!   One Friday, she scrounged around and brought me all the duck tape kits she could find, so I would have stuff for the weekend.  It was awesome! Rachel and I made roses, and wallets, handbags, and so many cool things!  Now most weekends I spend my time creating with duck tape!  Thanks Michelle!  

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