Wednesday, April 17, 2013

T- +30

Monday marked my fifth week in the hospital.  While it has been sooooo long, things are starting to move along!  I've been taken of the TPN, and have been able to keep solid food down for a few days now.  I've also been switched back to oral antibiotics and anti-nausea medicines, in preparation for going home!

Right now, the doctors are trying to schedule surgery for tomorrow, to take out my tri-fusion catheter line.  So currently, it looks like it might be able to go home by the weekend!!
Please pray that I would be able to take ALL my many pills (which usually runs around 2 dozen pills!!), that I would keep being able to eat, and that the surgery would go smoothly!
My many cards from friends, my siblings, and the University of Akron's Women in Engineering Group! Thank you everybody! I can see all the cards from almost anywhere in the room, and they are a HUGE encouragement to me!!

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