Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jen's Home now!!!

Dear friends,

We rejoice with all of you in sharing that Jen was discharged from the hospital this evening from her Oncology ward, and is home now. We praise The Lord in this miraculous intervention and healing. She is on 2 antibiotics and a steroid to take care of the atypical pneumonia, without a definitive diagnosis.

Thank you for all your support and prayers.

Psalms 30:2
O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me.

Vijay, Ammu and all the Anands


  1. So glad to hear! Praise the Lord!

  2. Yippeee!! Praise the Lord. Such great news.

  3. Oh how wonderful! God is so good and gracious. We will continue to pray for her recovery and that she will soon be feeling strong.

    Much love,

  4. Praising God for his Grace!Get well soon jen