Sunday, August 11, 2013

A New Hair Day

So one of my most widely read posts is "A Bad Hair Day". Well...since then I've gotten a totally new hairstyle! A little over a month ago, I decided I wanted a wig.  I've started the application for "Wigs for Kids" about four different times in the last two years, but I never followed through.  It ended up with my parents buying me a wig from a local wig shop, and I wish I had got one earlier!! I've had a lot of fun experimenting with different hair styles!

Here are a few pics of me at the wig store...

This is the style I ended up getting, except in black! 

And here are some pictures with a couple of the different ways I wear my new wig!
Rachel and I with my final wig! 

With friends at Sheilka's 65th Birthday Party! 

The whole family enjoying LemonBerry, a gift from dear friends! 

Being goofy...

A little grainy, but this is when I got to pin on my brother's new rank! ~ and wear pig tails :)