Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Pictorial Update

I was downloading my dad's phone...and came across several pictures.  So I thought I'd just post some pictures I found on the phone, in chronological order.  Enjoy!!! 
When I got decked out for Easter...

The beautiful hat was made by one of my dear friends

With faithful Daffodil

Finally home!!

100 Days post BMT!

Celebrating my first good news, before my biopsy

with root beer floats,,,

Celebrating my 19th birthday a little bit early, with dear friends who
 prayed for me, and a beautiful cake my wonderful neighbors made!
And my grandparents were able to celebrate with me as well!! 


  1. The pic of your parents sharing the root beer float made me smile. And the one of you with the "A" mask made me laugh. Mostly because your so deadpan in that shot. You're a nut!

  2. Thank you for sharing the pictures. We can't wait to see you guys. I want to share with you something that helped me last week. Studied Psalm 13. David lost the "spark in his eye". He felt like God had abandoned him. Everything that he could think of to get out of his painful situation only led to sorrow in his heart. It wasn't until he got on his knees and asks God to handle the situation that his heart begins to change. He begins to trust in God's unconditional love and realizes that God has given to him more than he could ever ask or think. His pain/pity turns into praise! Amazing what prayer can do! The martyred missionary, Jim Elliot, once wrote: “The saint who advances on his knees never retreats.”

    We love you and can't wait to see you. The Estrema (Italian clan)