Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jen still in PICU - Sunday night, 18 Aug

Jen took a turn for the worse this morning, quite suddenly!! They had to put her on oxygen using a c pap machine that is using pressure to push air into her lungs.  She has come down to 35% since this morning, but her breathing is still hanging around the 40s.  It needs to come down to 20 and  the oxygen dependency has to come down as well.  Her body also needs to respond quickly to the antibiotics and show improvement.  Tomorrow they are talking about doing a Bronch to get stuff from inside her lungs for cultures.  Intubation is still a threat on the horizon which we would like to avoid! Her fever has stopped today which is good news and we are praying the new antibiotic (her 5th) will tackle the strain of pneumonia.

Please pray for these needs as well as great wisdom and clear direction for the docs and us.  The floor attending doc will change for the week in the morning... Please pray for a good helpful doc to guide us thru this time.  The needs seem to be MANY but we know our God is able!

Vijay & Ammu Anand and all the kids


  1. My entire family is praying for Jen. I am so thankful for her friendship. I even told my extended family in South Africa to pray. Prayer is powerful!! :) Love to you all. Love, Sharon xxxxx

  2. Hey Anand Family! Dan and I are praying for Jen and rooting for her. How tough of a thing to be going through. Your family is so sweet and I'm sure everyone is feeling the trail deeply. Y'all are in our prayers. God is strong when we are weak. I pray He will continue to be with Jen and give her grace and strength for each moment.

    Lots of love,
    Dan and Chrissy Brown