Friday, August 16, 2013


Last night, after spending the day at the ER, I was admitted to the PICU pediatric intensive care unit. I had some coughing that led to breathing troubles. A chest xray and other factors currently lead the doctors to believe I may have pneumonia, which can be life threatening for me.

Please pray.....
 for my fever to be gone
My heart rate to come down to normal levels
My breathing to get better
Normal results on the ECHO tests indicating NO heart trouble
my body to respond to all the antibiotics well
No other complications to develop
To be able to go home quickly


  1. Hi Jen. This is probably random but I was lead to this blog last week by God and he has really put it on my heart to pray for you. Even more random, I actually know your parents and have babysat for you sometimes when you were younger and attended Cedar Hill baptist church. You probably don't remember and it has been forever since I've seen your parents (I was in highschool at the time). Anyway, I'm sad about everything that you're going through with this cancer, but I love your attitude about it. I will continue to pray for your health and healing and renewed trust in Christ. Stay strong and faithful. God is with you through this. He even has random people from the past praying for you. How's that for a bit of encouragement! :-)

    Take care,

    Cara Gabriel

  2. Thanks for sharing all of this, I enjoyed reading your posts and seeing the pictures with the familiar faces of Rainbows! You truly are one tough girl and encouragement to all! Praying for you! - Dana

  3. Praying for you, Jen. The church prayer chain request mentioned your blood sugars were high-- is that true as well? Thanks for the detailed prayer needs. We are lifting you up, sweet friend! Love you!

  4. We are praying that you will by God's great grace embrace whatever He has for you today and in the days to come. Keep your eyes on Him Jennifer He is good in all He does for us.We do not look at the things which are seen,or temporal but at the things that are unseen or eternal, for it is those things that are working the work of eternity in our souls. Our love and prayers...the Haveners

  5. Jennuma, We are praying for you dear.Dont let your faith be shaken.God is good all the time.