Monday, March 18, 2013

Random thoughts and pictures...

EEG at 8a.m. this morning
Well yesterday morning I scared the wits out of my mother, with a "seizure" scare!  As a result, I've been started on anti-seizure medications.  I also had an MRI and EEG done;  So far, the results have been clean!

I came back to my room to be greeted by my friends Leah and Caleb.  Unfortunately, I don't think I was a very good hostess, as I fell asleep halfway through their visit!  Still, thanks for visiting guys!!
  Signing the mandatory wall of friends...

The Three Stooges...what are we to do with them?
More friends to brighten my day...Cody, Christina and Allie

Goofing off....all except for me of course 

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  1. Hey Jennifer!

    This is Matt Newman, we have been praying for you since you went back to the hospital. We have been receiving updates from my parents as well as the Fergesons. I hope and pray that today is a great day for you and we will continue to pray that the Lord provides your needs and comforts you during this time.


    Matt and Kristen Newman