Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Since my cancers, Easter has become my most favorite holiday.  Growing up, I knew that the true meaning of Easter was the celebration of Christ's resurrection.  However, I just accepted it as one of the many things that happened in the Bible, and went on with my life.  Last year, as I was going through chemo during Easter, I came to understand this holiday in a whole new way.  I realized that Easter was the finale to the celebration- the real celebration was when Christ suffered and died on the cross.  This made me realize that Jesus went through a lot of pain and suffering too; He completely understands what I'm going through!  At Easter we celebrate Christ's escape from pain and suffering; He overcame the hurt and helplessness that we as humans face.  Because of this, God is able to help us in our hurt and pain.  This understanding has made Easter my favorite holiday!

And it set me thinking...Easter is a show of God's love to us.  He endured the pain of the cross because He loved us.  Shouldn't we pass on this love to others, and remind them that there is a God who cares about each human being?

Holidays are a joyful time, where we enjoy family and celebrations.  But there are many that are not privileged with these pleasures. If they don't have family, invite them to join yours! Maybe, like those of us in the hospital, they can't join the celebrations; then take the celebration to them, like people did here at the oncology ward. The Spring Fling party was a reminder of how many caring people there are in this world; they wanted to remind the patients of God's love, because that's what Easter is all about!

Happy Easter!

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