Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Quick Update...

I just wanted to post a brief update.  My ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count, a white blood cell count) has been over a thousand 2 days in a row!  Tomorrow, if it remains over a thousand, will be my engraftment day!  Also, most of my other blood counts are slowly coming up, which is awesome!

I've also been taken of the TPN and insulin, in the hopes that I will start eating more.  I'm working on this, but my throat is still pretty raw and the mucositis makes digestion extremely painful; also the sudden drop in calories has left me quite tired...
My fluids have been cut in half, and my pain medication reduced by 10%.  I now have 2 units on Pole, instead of 3!

The many prayers offered on my behalf is the main reason I'm getting better.  Thank you, and please keep praying, especially for my family to be well so I can go home to them!
A lovely bouquet of cookies sent by good friends.  The middle cookies says To Brighten Your Day, which these gorgeous flowers certainly did!  Thank You!   

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  1. Yeah! Happy tears! Lovely AND edible bouquet. What more could you ask for? Well...