Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ronald McDonald House Dinner 2.0

Well we did it again-another dinner at RMH! They recently expanded all their facilities, to an astounding 55 rooms; because of the holidays, however, a number of families had gone home.  Still, there were a number of our old friends there, as well as new friends to be made! Making dinner is such a wonderful way to pay forward the blessing it was to us, and we were so privileged to be able to do it!

Our group included Brian and Brad, from our summer intern group who had done dinner in July, and friends new to RMH -Sharon, Craig and Noelle. 

Dad and Mom made chicken curry and vegetable rice, respectively, and raita (yogurt salad) and naan for the dinner, which was a huge hit! There is a large number of Middle Eastern people staying there, so they really appreciate the tastes that hit a little closer to their home foods.  But a number of Americans also enjoyed sampling the ethnic tastes!

After our dinner, Rachel had organized a craft time, with rubber stamping and New Year's masks for all the children (and adults) to decorate. 

A huge Thank You to all my friends and my family who helped make this dinner and craft time!
Our Entire Group!

L: Brian and Daniel making brownies...they made four pans, and with Ruth, David and John,
decorated them in hot pink frosting.  The brownies were a huge hit!
R: Noelle; probably the only time all night she was simply standing! She solidly helped where needed (peeling 30lbs potatoes, warming the veggies, slicing the meat) and arranged all the food in the proper places for dinner! 
Busy Sharon...Happy Sharon!
Among other things, Sharon carved up three chickens so perfectly, we took pictures of it!


Craig testing if the potatoes are done-he cooked 30lbs of mashed potatoes!
Craig, me, Sharon, Noelle

Aside from making gravy, Brad brought his guitar to provide some live music.  It was a hit with everyone! From the little girls, who taught him new songs like "Twinkle, Twinkle" and "Jesus Loves Me" to this gentleman, who tried his hand at playing some tunes!

One of the best parts of RMH is making new friends!
L: Jen with Maria and Eva Rose, the cutest little girls ever! Their sister, Emily, just had a heart transplant!!
TopR: Brian and Joseph!
Bottom R: Nadine and Rachel! Nadine and her sister Noha are from Cairo, Egypt

Craft  Time!
More Crafts!

Sharon and Craig with their new (masked) identities


  1. Awesome! Those masks are great! Great job giving back! That's real joy, isn't it?

  2. For sure! It's just such a small thing, but goes a long way! And I hope to hold many more dinners there in the new year!