Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Celebrating Life!!

So today was my T+100 day, and thanks to my awesome family, I've had an absolutely incredible day!!

It started out like any other day, except  I was so excited I got up at 4:30 am and had to force myself to sleep another hour.  But it was during lunchtime that my family turned a special day into an extraordinarily special day!

I'm so blessed to have such a caring and thoughtful family.  I'm so happy to have had such a wonderful opportunity to share what a loving family I have. Thanks so much guys~ you're the best!
The Delivery Crew

Another member...
Thanks Mom and Dad!!! 
Surprise visitors!
with balloons...
and chocolate cake...
and a tiara...
I wore this tiara through my BMT! 
and good friends to share it with!
Aaron, Connor, Brian and Brian, Brad, Tyler, me , and Janna.
~missing are Ari, Rachel and Kenzie, and Katy who took the picture :)
Thank you guys for celebrating with me!!
Thank you for being so supportive  and accommodating and kind to me!!

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  1. Love this! Loved your Father's Day tribute as well!