Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cathy Walters Foundation

Every summer, my dad's company, Ernst & Young, has a Cathy Walters Foundation golf fundraiser.  Dad has attended this event for several summers.  I would like to share a little bit about this foundation, and their cancer scholarships.

"In the late 1990s, Cathy Walters worked in the National office of Ernst & Young in Cleveland, Ohio. She helped develop audit software. To the outside observer, Cathy didn't seem all that special; she did her job, shared some laughs with coworkers and each night went home to her family. But everyone has a story, and Cathy’s was quite special.
A single mom, she was fearless about trying new adventures and instilling a passion for living in her daughter. She sought only to see the positives in life and she met every challenge with enthusiasm.  Already twice a cancer survivor at age 34, in 2001 Cathy faced yet another recurrence with her unique sense of realism and humor.  In August, she lost the long and difficult battle, but she did it on her terms. She focused her final days on the people she loved and continued to spread joy to everyone she touched – from the doctors and nurses at the Cleveland Clinic to her co-workers at Ernst & Young to the kid who delivered a single rose to her every day. She lived every minute looking to inspire someone.
And this is what we celebrate everyday at the Cathy Walters Foundation. Cathy’s legacy is that when life throws a punch, the best move is to take it by the hand and start dancing."

After Cathy lost her battle, her daughter was adopted by another Ernst & Young employee.  The Foundation was established to help Cathy's daughter with her academic expenses.  After she graduated, the Cathy Walters Foundation established scholarships to help college students whose lives were touched by cancer, either their own, or a close family member.  

I have been blessed to be a 2-time recipient of this scholarship.  It has been a blessing in managing my college expenses, and not having to worry about college expenses.  
If you work for, or affiliated with Ernst & Young, please consider going to the golf invitational.  If your life has been touched by cancer, regardless of ties to EY, apply for the scholarship.  

Thank you Cathy Walters Foundation! 

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