Sunday, April 23, 2017

As If There Was Ever Any Doubt

Several weeks ago, a friend and I were going to a lecture in the evening.  Having some time to spare, and needing to meet our Fitbit step goals, we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and walk around campus.  As we passed the Union, he reminded me I needed to buy my graduation tassel, and we went to the bookstore. After looking at prices, I decided that I was going to purchase my cap and gown and tassel, right then and there! I picked out the appropriate length gown, grabbed my orange engineering tassel, and paid for my purchases.  One celebratory Starbucks passion tea later, we left the Union to go to the car.  I turned to my friend, and said with purpose, excitement, and wonder “I’m going to graduate!”  I’ll never forget his reply- in a tone of perfect confidence and zero surprise he said, “As if there was ever any doubt, Jen.”
I thought about that- as if there was ever any doubt.  Maybe not for him, but the last 5 years have been filled with doubts for me! Doubts that I would be able strong enough physically to be able to walk and maintain myself through college.  Doubts that I would academically be able to keep up with the course load.  Engineering isn’t easy! Doubts that I would get sick again.  Doubts that anyone would ever hire me, given my medical history.  Doubts that I’d have friends, or people that would stick with me.
But God is greater than those doubts.  Last Sunday, the pastor preached on God’s faithfulness- past, present and future.  And I realized how true that was in my life.  It’s hard to see the good in things, when you’re in the midst of it, but when you reach the other side and look back, it’s beyond incredible to see what God has done.
Faithful you’ve been, and faithful you will be.  So here’s my faithfulness list.
  • I walk to Polsky (our farthest building), twice a week, without coughing like I’m dying.
  • I carry an 18+lb pound backpack
  • I’m in my final 4 classes, and looking to pass them all.
  • I am able to be involved in college, through several different groups, and being able to lead and grow them has just been incredible
  • I just had my 4-years post-transplant, with no evidence of any cancer!
  • I have the most incredible group of friends, who support, celebrate, and encourage me
  • I got a part-time job for the semester, that I was praying and interviewing like crazy for, and suddenly fell in my lap!
  • I get to go to CancerCon again this year! And sneak in a visit to Jo :)
  • I received the ASME Griffith-Collins award, for mechanical engineering seniors
  • I was named one of the Top 10 seniors in the Honors College
  • I have an incredible future-roomie!

I. Got. A. Job. I’ll be starting at F.M. Global this June,  as a Field Consulting Engineer! Side story: this had me kinda worried.  I worked at FM this summer, and loved it.  They're a property insurance company, who use engineers to help prevent risk, rather than other companies who use actuaries to predict risk.  So the field engineers tour the clients' plants/buildings/equipment and look at the fire protection systems, earthquake/tornado/flood hazards and other safety factors and provide recommendations to keep the place safe.  My summer co-op gave me the opportunity to tour a lot of different industry in the area, and also gave me a chance to meet a lot of new people! I loved how each day looked different than the one before, and I really loved FM and the people I worked with.  My two big concerns with it were this: one, being able to last all day.  It's tough walking on a concrete floor, climbing narrow ladders to the roof, and wearing steel-toe boots all day! But I made it through a summer, and I'm trusting God will enable me to last the days of work as well.  The other major concern was my health.  There's a lot to consider if you're going to deal with me! Co-op is one thing- hourly salary, for 12 weeks is manageable.  A regular salary, plus benefits, for an indefinite amount of time is another thing.  But God once again proved that my concerns were no match for him, when I received my offer.  It brought to mind God's promise to bless me with "hope and a future", once again. 
So yeah...that's my story.  Life's still tough.  There's a lot going on right now, that is crazy, and worrisome and horrible and taxing and really stretching me. But then I have to look back on this brief list, and many other things not on this list, and remember that He is faithful!
Closing thought from Standpoint this morning:  Nehemiah 12:43-  And on that day they offered great sacrifices, rejoicing because God had given them great joy. The women and children also rejoiced. The sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away.

God's given me great joy, which will be heard far and near!

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