Sunday, April 27, 2014

Happy Easter (1Week Late...)

I hope all my wonderful readers had a very blessed Easter! I was quite busy around Easter, and didn't have a chance to post, and wanted to make a bit longer post, so I thought I'd wait a week!
This is the first Easter in the last two years that I haven't been on treatment, which is a huge blessing! This Easter I was filled with so much awe and gratitude for where God has brought me in this year.  Just recollecting a year ago...I was blessed to receive beautiful Easter baskets from the oncology ward, and feel the wonderful love of so many medical professionals.  I was in the midst of my BMT, and pretty sick! A year later, I'm at the tail ending of completing my third semester of college and nearing my 1 year scans! All day, I was just filled with so many thoughts of where I had been a year ago, and how much God had blessed me to allow me my life and to be with my family.

For those of you who don't know the true meaning of Easter, I can assure you it has nothing to do with bunnies and eggs! While bunnies and eggs give us some fun things to enjoy on this special holiday, there is so much more to the Easter story. 
Easter would not be possible without Good Friday, the day we remember Jesus Christ's death on the cross.  An innocent man, he was falsely accused and sentenced to death, to bear the punishment for our sins.  While many may wonder why is Jesus is God he didn't save himself, the Bible states that he choose to die for us.  How special to know that someone loved me and you enough to take away the punishment we so justly deserve! If Jesus had stayed dead, that would put him on the same platform as Buddha or Mohammed or St. Peter, or any one else.  Easter is the celebration of his coming to life again, which makes him God.  Without his resurrection, we wouldn't have a living savior to serve.

This Easter I was able to more appreciate his resurrection, than last Easter when I was focused more on his sufferings.  I'm so grateful to have had an absolutely beautiful day to spend with dear friends and my family!

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