Thursday, March 20, 2014

BMT Birthday-my side!

So I'm sure most of you already saw my BMT Birthday post (as made by my siblings)! But that wasn't all my incredible family did to make the day special...
It really started Monday night, with Rachel helping me pick and coordinate a special outfit to wear.  And she also did a lot of other things, but I didn't know that yet!

8:45AM- Studying physics with my friend, when in the middle of a problem...
Ean: Hey, happy 1yr anniversary of your BMT
Jen:What??! *mind wondering how he knew-did I tell him, my blog, etc*not talking, just thinking
Ean: It is today, right?
So my lovely sister borrowed my phone and texted him to tell me...

2:05PM-In my car, checking my phone after my class
Mom(text): Where r u?
Mom(missed call)
Jen(calling Mom back): Hey (and other niceties)
Mom: Where are you?
Jen: Just finished up at Olin, coming to Honors.  Where are you?
Mom(evading question): Oh, okay.  Have a wonderful day, I love you (other mom niceties).
Jen(to self): I think they're at Honors. 

And so they were! With a HUGE platter of cookies, and a beautiful hand-decorated bunch of balloons! Their fool-proof surprise plan was coordinated with Sharon...who just happened to be in Cincinatti that day.  So I hadn't told her my schedule changes; so she told my fam where I should have been; I was not there; they called Sharon; she didn't answer (or know); they had to call me.  All's well that ends well. 
It was lovely to enjoy a little bit of a beautiful day with my family! I can't wait for Spring Break, when I can be with them 24/7!

2:15PM-Had cookies, met Craig, Dr. Mugler, Heather...walking to my next class
Mom: Did you see your blog?
Rachel: You shouldn't tell her! It's a surprise!

5:15PM-Finally at a computer-agenda:check blog! Surprised!!!!
Jen(showing Craig):Look what my family did!
Craig: You have the greatest family!

I think that sums it all...I do have the most wonderful, fun-loving, crazy, talented, and fantastic family in the world.  And there's no other place I would rather be than with them.  Love you all!!

And...a huge "Thank You" to all my wonderful friends who have wished me a happy 1yr BMT, either through texts or in person! I'm so blessed to have so many wonderful people to support and stand by me through thick and thin!
P.S. More pictures to be added, so check back soon!

With my family on campus!


  1. That's how you spell Ian (Ean)?!

  2. Congratulations, Jen!!!! So excited for you reaching this milestone and doing so well! Praise the Lord! :-) Love you!