Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Updated Test Results

So that harmless, we-are-not-worried spot in my chest has turned into a not-so-harmless spot!

After some further consultation, my oncologist have decided that a biopsy of the area would be a good idea.  As a result, I will be having surgery  to get it biopsied on Friday.
At this point I'm not sure of the type of biopsy, or time of surgery, but I do know it will be done by our good friend and faithful Christian surgeon, Dr. Barksdale.

We would greatly appreciate prayers on our behalf.  Please pray that the result of this biopsy will not be cancerous, or anything to cause worry.  We are thankful for the knowledge God has given the doctors, and that they are deciding to act on this quickly.

I'll try to post more details as I receive them!

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  1. Hey my sweet niece!WE LOVE U!prayers and wishes from Chennai.Tough Girl-proud of you.